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Check List

Medical Relief International is unique to many organizations in that we provide all our own medical equipment and supplies, for the convenience of our medical professionals. However, there are still some items that need to be on your check list.

  1. Passport - The first thing you need to think about when considering a medical mission is the status of your passport. Make sure it is valid within 6 months of travel return. Passport numbers are necessary for purchasing tickets, so it is important to take care of this as soon as possible.

  2. Scrubs - You will want to purchase/borrow several sets of scrubs, keeping in mind the weather where you will be serving. Light cotton is advisable in the hotter climates. Drying time is also a factor if you are serving in remote areas without washing facilities.

  3. Safety Goggles - A good, comfortable pair of safety goggles is necessary for your protection. Gloves - MRI provides medical gloves for all team members. If you have special needs, such as "latex free," please advise the team leader, or provide your own.

  4. Medications - Please visit your medical provider to make sure you are prepared for the "unexpected." Depending on the country, you may need to take malaria meds, or get preventative immunizations.

  5. Headlamp - Please provide your own headlamp, which may be purchased at REI, or check with the MRI office for suggestions.


It is important that you attend your Team Meeting, which is always held well in advance to departure time. You will receive very helpful information, based upon the special needs of the country you will be serving.

Please contact your Field Director for any questions you may have concerning your field of interest.

What to Expect

Always expect the unexpected! Medical missions is not for the faint of heart, or the inflexible person. Even though many hours of planning go into each mission, there will ALWAYS be CHANGE!


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